Store History

A community store with outstanding individualized service.

Barrhaven Source for Sports is owned by Rob Raistrick.  He proudly says the he and his wife, Lyane, and three kids, Emma, Callum and Taylor, live in the community that he serves.

"We're a community store for what brings people together." says Rob, who you'll find in the store on a daily basis.

Rob purchased and took over the Motionware Source for Sports store in August of 2007 after having worked as a manager for that company for more than 10 years.  He renamed the store Barrhaven Source for Sports and now runs it as an independent, community-based sports store.

"We're about not being everything to everybody," says Rob.  That means that they specialize in selling clothing and equipment for soccer, rugby, running, swimming and football.

At Barrhaven Source for Sports, the right people will help you get the right gear and the right fit.  The staff are trained to make sure you get what works best for you. They regularly attend product knowledge seminars and keep up on the latest improvements in technology and equipment.

"We're in it for the long term.  We're here to help customers out." says Rob.  We place special orders on a regular basis in an effort to cater to specific customer needs.